Hao Zhu

Ph.D. Student Neuroscience

About me

I’m Hao Zhu, inaugural graduated student of New York Univerity Shanghai (Neural Science major), now a fifth-year Ph.D student in Neuroscience, New York University.

Research interests:
Mental representations in the human brain;
Motor-sensory transformation;
Language and speech;
Computational Modelings and Bayesian Inference

Electroencephalography(EEG) | Magnetoencephalography(MEG) | Electrocorticography(ECoG) | Stereoelectroencephalography(SEEG).


2013 - 2017

Bachelor of Science

New York University Shanghai

2019 - present

Ph.D. in Neuroscience

New York University


21 June 2023

Segregation and integration of sensory features by flexible temporal characteristics of independent neural representations.

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28 November 2022

The Generic Inhibitory Function of Corollary Discharge in Motor Intention: Evidence from the Modulation Effects of Speech Preparation on the Late Components of Auditory Neural Responses

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11 June 2021

Deficits in multi-scale top-down processes distorting auditory perception in schizophrenia

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16 June 2020

Corollary Discharge Versus Efference Copy: Distinct Neural Signals in Speech Preparation Differentially Modulate Auditory Responses

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17 July 2018

Group-Level Multivariate Analysis in EasyEEG Toolbox: Examining the Temporal Dynamics Using Topographic Responses

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Email: hao.zhu@nyu.edu

Mobile: +86 135-7573-0305 (China)


Rm 161, Geo Bldg ECNU, 3663 Zhongshan North Road, Putuo, Shanghai, 210002