I am Hao Zhu

Neural Scientist

About me

I’m Hao ZHU, inaugural graduated student of New York Univerity Shanghai(Neural Science major), now is a research associate in Prof.Tian Xing's lab in the NYU-ECNU Institute of Brain and Cognitive Science at NYU Shanghai.

I define myself as a learning researcher, handicraftsman, and coder.

Research interests:
Mental representations in huamn brain; motor-sensory transformation.
Computational Modelings; Neural Networks.
Tool: electroencephlography (EEG) | magnetoencephalography(MEG).


Auditory Topography

EasyEEG Toolbox

March 2018

Response Time Series

Auditory Imagery

July 2017

ERP response

Motor Preparation

June 2018

Sensor Peak Latency Asynchrony

EasyEEG plug-in: PeakHunter

September 2018



Bachelor of Science

New York University Shanghai


17 July 2018

Group-Level Multivariate Analysis in EasyEEG Toolbox: Examining the Temporal Dynamics Using Topographic Responses

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Mandarin Chinese Native

English Bilingual

Spanish Beginner


Email: hz808@nyu.edu

Mobile: +86-13575730305

Address: 3663 Zhongshan Road North, Geo Bldg, Room 161